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Song 1: ESQ-1 10s ReSamples 01-10 V2.reason [Int v3.2 Orig]

This is a Reason Refill for the first ten patches re-sampled from the Ensoniq ESQ-1 - The internal patches were known in this set as "Int v3.2 Orig".

Patches 01-10 are referred to as BANK 1

You will need the NN-XT device to run these patches.

Simply launch Reason and load up the demo song from the refill. The samples are self contained within the demo song itself. You may want to save the individual patches and a non read only version of the song in a folder of your choice.

These are the resampled preset sounds included - Bank 1 of Int V3.2 Orig.

01 PIANO 1 - Classic 1980s Piano sound
02 ORGAN 1 - Like a Hammond B3
03 3TRUMS - Synth brass
04 VELBAS - Nice Slap Bass
05 SLDRUM - Percussive Popcorn sound
06 SLOSTR - Ensoniq Strings with slow attack
07 MIXED - Choral voices
08 SINPAD - Synth - nice with arpeggiator
09 WAVBEL - Bell - nice lead sound
10 4XFADE - Dreamy Bells with sustain



You can check out our other Ensoniq ESQ-1 Re-sampled patches (including V2.0 Orig - from the original Ensoniq Cassette) at:


Version  V2  Downloads  1,398 
Size  42.97 MB  Created  2015-04-15 
Language    Changed  2015-05-18 
Price    Created by  Paddock 
License    Changed by  Neil 
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Website  Website external  SHA1 Checksum  cfcdc0b068f06c88d5e33754dc4f3e226f58fdef 
Filename: ESQ-1 Reason Reboot V2-CHQ.zip
Size: 42.97 MB
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