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This is a thor patch with M/S routing and a separate route via the two filters. This gives a mixture between m/s and stereo and is good for enhancing bass and punch. It works by hooking it up as an insert and connecting cv out 1 and 2 to gate in and note in, this triggers the filters so that they open up as much as the signal that passes through the cv cables. It's quite an psychedelic effect and it is fun to do filtersweeps with the third filter. It increases the dynamic punch if the sourcesignal is low and wreaks the shit out of any dynamic range if the sourcesignal is loud! It is some sort of thormagic because it's a lovely crunch!
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Size  1.11 KB  Created  2019-03-29 
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Price    Created by  Mrswalbard 
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Filename: M S Routing w Polyphony0.thor
Size: 1.11 KB
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